About Us

Medic is a consumer health and wellness promotion company. Through the launch of our state of the art vending platform, the 24/7 Convenience Center, Medic will provide convenient access to health and personal care products for individuals in need of relief for acute non-emergency conditions and situations.

The innovation of the 24/7 Convenience Center facilitates an interactive experience of product review, selection, and multi-product cart purchasing for the consumer; along with a powerful tool for digital advertising.


OUR STORY: Medic Inc., was founded by three healthcare professionals who saw a need to extend the availability of OTC medications and personal care items to provide temporary relief and solutions for individuals in non-traditional settings.

Northeast Florida pharmacists, Garlene Atcherson, RPh;  Michelle Birt,  RPh; and Joel Rivera, RPh understand the importance of meeting consumers where they are. With more than 60 years combined experience, their backgrounds in retail pharmacy practice and management led to the launch of Medic, and the development of the 24/7 Convenience Center. The Center is a vending and messaging platform that provides on demand healthcare and personal care products in convenient locations, enhancing the ability for consumers to “grab and go”.